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As you read through the weekly Leftist LUNCs, you may ask: "Why is it that Liberals typically start out with wonderfully positive and laudable intents, but end up with negative and regrettable consequences?" "Why do Leftist LUNCs continue to happen, over and over again and on such a grand scale?"

There are various answers to these questions hinted at in the Leftist LUNCs, themselves. I will briefly discuss each in this blog.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gov: Wrong Tool for the Right Job--Elitism and Specialization

Liberals also like governments because of elitism and specialization. They are comforted by the belief that supposedly stronger and smarter people, and those who are highly trained and experienced, are specifically dedicated and working to resolve some of the more challenging societal problems. They like being able to trustingly shift certain tasks to seemingly more capable people, and put those tasks out of sight and mind so they can focus on other tasks for which they, themselves, are well suited. Understandably, liberals may be so engrossed in their own careers that they haven't the time or energy to examine the intricacies of foreign policies or the minute details of appropriation bills, and so it is nice for them to have people far more knowledgeable in those areas analyzing and making decisions.

Again, this makes some sense, but cuts both ways. It is not uncommon for the best and the brightest and the most experienced to come up with some of the more profoundly asinine ideas and the most colossal failures known to man. It seems as though there is a fine line between genius and idiocy, where much of the time the line is crossed in the direction of idiocy--Leftist LUNCs being a case in point.

Besides, the governments that liberals are so fond of aren't necessarily filled with the best and the brightest and elite experts. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to seek employment in the public sector because they failed to make it in the private sector.  As mentioned in the Obamacare LUNCs, Obamacare "greatly expands federal and state governments, increases taxes (contrary to what was promised), and it puts life-and-death health care decisions in the hands of the entity that can't rightly fix potholes or deliver the mail on time. And, with the recent scandals, it is unsettling to know that the IRS will be the go-to collection agency."  Steven Horwitz says: "Obamacare’s approach to fixing the very real problems of U.S. medical care is exactly backward. It undermines the market-driven parts that are working, and expands government control that is not." (See HERE)

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